I do not like the whole tooting your own horn thing… it feels very awkward, but after repeated berating from well-meaning colleagues and friends, it made sense to share the following (A sincere thank you to those who offered this directly or through my LinkedIn profile… your comments are VERY appreciated).

"Jeff is a leader and innovator of the best kind - he has the ability to not only drive business forward but do it in a way that creates value for everyone he works with. Jeff is authentic and real - he can be trusted and adds value to whatever he touches. I give a huge thumbs up for Jeff!!"
- Ed Martin, Director International Consumer Insights and New Methods, The Hershey Company

"I cannot say enough good about Jeff Duvall. He has worked so closely with my teams at Trend Influence that he feels like a permanent member of our family. His attention to detail and ability to remain objective and look for empathic solutions for brands and products is unmatched and of tremendous value to me and everyone in my organization."
- Richard Leslie, President, Trend Influence

"Jeff continues to work with Modo Group on a variety of projects requiring specialized research support. While his analytical capabilities are first rate, it's his ability to provide creative solutions to complex problems that makes him a high value member of our project teams. I recommend him wholeheartedly."
- George Murphy, Founder and Chief Strategist, Modo Group (and former VP at Starbucks and The Coca-Cola Company)

"Wow, what an honor to write a recommendation for Jeff. Jeff is, by far, the best listener I have ever known. His personal style affirms and reaffirms that attribute and leaves you with no doubt that he is hearing your description of the problem / opportunity to be worked on. Now, that would be an amazing thing in itself, but his professionalism doesn't permit him to stop there. He quickly transitions into "value" mode by assisting you, as the client, to dispel your preconceptions and form the best possible question that will be the most value to the business. I absolutely love to work with Jeff because I am always certain that I will leave the exchange having learned not only a little more about my business, but even a little more about myself. Jeff is the genuine article!"
- Louis "Rocky" Heinsz, Director of R&D and Founding Member for new coffee venture (Far Coast), The Coca-Cola Company

"Jeff is a delight to work with, highly intelligent, energetic, and charismatic. His clients are always impressed with his services as he delivers more than promised and provides truly valuable insights, based upon his remarkable experience and education."
- Bill Douglas, Former Director of Strategy & Insights, The Coca-Cola Company and Founder of Envision Research

"I have had the privilege of knowing Jeff Duvall for more than 20 years. He is both a friend and colleague. Though the journeys we've taken through life have been so different, I find our paths crossing again and again. He is one of those rare individuals who has the ability to diagnose complicated situations quickly, bringing to bare a myriad of resources and the creative solutions necessary for affecting change. He is direct, to the point, and no nonsense. But he is also full of compassion and keenly aware of the interconnected world in which organizations and corporations operate. Jeff is smart, funny, and an extraordinarily gifted consultant; all the while serving as a selfless, passionate voice for justice. He works hard at connecting people who he knows will benefit from the relationships; and he gives 110% to everything he does."
- Craig Bowman, President, Common Ground Consulting LLC

"Jeff is highly knowledgeable and perceptive and makes the kind of unexpected connections that lead to breakthrough insights. He uses his excellent analytical skills to translate those insights into novel, high potential business strategies. In the projects we worked on together, Jeff generated numerous ideas and potential approaches and helped draw innovative thoughts from others on the team with his unique perspective and probing analysis. I have also found that Jeff exhibits a particular affinity and empathy for others, engendering trust and openness. This makes him a consummate coach for individuals and teams."
- Wanda Jackson, Marketing and Innovation Specialist, The Kimberly-Clark Company

"Jeff is one of the smartest, dedicated people I've worked with. He has an uncanny sense of empathy for those around him that make him both passionate about his work and passionate about those he works with - (even under overwhelming stresses of personal responsibilities and deadlines). He's a pleasure to work with!"
- Cat Normoyle, Graphic Designer, Trend Influence

"Jeff is probably the most genuine person I have ever met. He is always curious about people and their current versus desired realities, which makes him a unique combination of a deep thinker about human behaviors and motivations, which makes him an expert in developing unbiased, open, and sincere connections with others."
- Miho Sugimoto, Former Global Innovation Marketing Manager, The Coca-Cola Company and Current Director of Marketing at Newell Rubbermaid

"You will see and hear recurring themes in how people describe Jeff: extremely intelligent, empathetic, strategic, kind, and a joy to work with. I've known Jeff for 10 years across companies, roles, and degrees...and everything positive you hear about Jeff is really true! You and your business, without a doubt, will be better off for knowing and working with Jeff. He is an excellent marketing strategist and diagnostician. He's particularly strong at anticipating trends and is the most natural scenario planner I've known. With Jeff you will get to a solution, and it will be a great one. Add to this his genuine care for social causes and you end up with one of the most authentic and talented social cause marketers you will ever meet."
- Alice Savic, Principal, Alice Savic, LLC

"I knew Jeff while working in the Global Marketing Division, as a committed, highly intelligent, collaborative team member. I continued in touch with Jeff even after we changed jobs, and he consistently demonstrated his dedication to learning and growing."
- Martin Gil, Senior Brand Manager, Coca-Cola TM , The Coca-Cola Company

"Jeff is one of those rare folks who can create a modeling program, interpret and analyze the data, factor in innovative insights that also should be considered in formulating a strategy, and then make the client feel like the smartest person in the room. He is patient, witty, thoughtful, creative, focused, and has tons of integrity. . . and he is very very smart."
- Noel Marts, former Senior Manager, Corporate Marketing Research, The Coca-Cola Company and current Director at Managing Uncertainty

"Jeff Duvall is a star… He looks at all sides of the ledger and knows how to come up with the consummate marketing strategy… and, besides, he is a helluva nice guy and a great friend."
- Michael Wolfe, former Sr. Manager Marketing Science , The Coca-Cola Company and Current Director at BBDO Analytics and Founder of Bottom Line Analytics

"I worked with Jeff at Coca-Cola. I find him to be one of those rare individuals with both strong enterprise-caliber business acumen along with genuine empathy for others. He's exceptionally bright, articulate, and strategically-minded, but he's focused on "the greater good". Jeff has a huge balance in his karma account. He represents a great resource for businesses that wish to make business sense out of doing the right things. The fact that he gets recommendations on LinkedIn without even asking for them tells it all."
- Joe Whelchel, former Market Research, Strategic Planning , The Coca-Cola Company and current Principal at DSS Interactive

"Too often there is posturing and arrogance among marketing executives. I never saw a trace of that in Jeff Duvall. Jeff shared my insight of how counterproductive that kind of attitude is to a common business goal. It was rare and refreshing to find someone like Jeff who is assertive for the common goal, rather than assertive for some personal agenda. Moreover, it's rare to encounter an intellect as developed as Jeff's. He has the gift of seeing over the horizon."
- Stephen Bastego, former Manager, Trade Research Department, Corporate Legal Division , The Coca-Cola Company and current President at Trademark Clearance Professionals

"Jeff is an insight expert, with a vision, ability to think out of the box, and "makes it happen". I have worked with Jeff over the years and continue to be impressed by his ability to look at the big picture without ever missing the details."
- Bobby Agarwal, formerly Vice President , IRI and current Executive Director, COO at Godrej Hershey India JV (on assignment)

"While with Trend Influence, I worked in a Project Management capacity with Jeff on a number of projects for various Fortune 500 companies and I have to say he's one of the smartest, most compassionately understanding, results-driven individuals I've ever met. If he is not already a subject matter expert on a given industry or market, he quickly adapts and retains vast knowledge through research. Throughout the projects I have managed, Jeff's final output and deliverables are consistently a home run with clients. Around here, we like to affectionately call him "The Most Value-Adding S.O.B. Around."
- Ryan Wofford, Director at Trend Influence

… and, if you are still reading, here is a personal favorite from my friend and frequent project
co-conspirator, Kenn:

"If adding value was a crime, Jeff Duvall would be guilty. Seriously guilty. This guy should be in Super Max lock down right now."

… gotta love that. I have been blessed and lucky to work with many great folks over the years. Looking forward to continuing the journey.

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